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Posted on 2022-08-24 10:13:50

Rune Talent1

Dear players,

This is DEV.Nice to meet you all. Recently, we have collected a lot of content from ourpersonal game experience and your feedback and suggestions. First of all, thankyou for your love for Flashing Dragon Ball, and we will definitely redouble ourefforts to create better events and content for you. Secondly, according toyour feedback, we learned that although many players have already obtained thecards they want and trained them to a high star level, they have beenrepeatedly defeated in the Arena due to the imperfect training of some details.Therefore, we specially wrote this Rune Talent guide. We hope you can refer toit and enjoy the game!

MA. Characteristics:High DMG Dealer.

Eg, Vegeta(SSGSS),Vegeta(Evil),Android17,Jiren,Vegeta(IV)and Hitto. As the main profession of DMG dealer for thecurrent version, most of them are the core heroes of every player.

Talent Rune (in order ofpriority):

Combo I>SwiftnessI>Absorption I>Penetration I>Shock I>Divine Power I

Tank. Characteristics:DEF & Resurrection

Rare profession for thecurrent version. There are 3 strong tank heroes: Son Goku(S3)Majin Buu(Fat)and Cell.

Talent Rune (in order ofpriority):

Shield I>DMGReflection I>Iron Armor I>Immune Magic I>Blessing I

Ki Master. Characteristics: Ki Attack, Group DMG

FrostMetal Cooler,Piccolo,Son Goku(SSGSS)and Black Goku.

As a profession that everyoneuses less in this version, the effect of Ki Master is far underestimated byplayers. Ki Master's group DMG and group debuff determine that they should be amust-have card for late-stage lineup competition. Current Ki Masters in thecurrent version: FrostMetalCooler,Piccolo,Son Goku(SSGSS)and Black Goku.

Talent Rune (in order ofpriority):

Nen Combo I>MagicPower I>Penetration I>Concentration I>Decrease Speed I

Support. Characteristics: HP Recovery, Group Buff

The support in current versionis not strong enough, we will consider adding some new strong characters in thefuture. The strongest support in this version is Bulma, and the other supportsare weaker than her/

Talent Rune (in order ofpriority):

Vitality I>SwiftnessI>Nen Combo I>Holy Body I>Clearance I>Purification I



Current popularroles’ talent recommendation:


Recommendation  (Choose 2 out of 3)


Vitality I

Clearance I

Purification I

Son Goku(S3)

Shield I

DMG Resist I

Ctrl Resist I

Android 17

Penetration I

Shock I

Rouge I


Rampage I

Penetration I

Rage I


Penetration I

Combo I

Rage I


Rage I

Combo I

Crit Resist I

 (Official recommendation reason: There is noabsolute strength of talent skills. In the process of selection, we must paymore attention to the actual combat effect. In the process of combat, the DMGdealer also needs to have a certain DEF ability, otherwise it will be easy tobe kill. Mix matching can increase the ceiling of the team, and it is easy tocreate miracles in battle.)

The talentrecommendation of above four professions is a reference, and they do notrepresent the only recommendation. Everyone has a Hamlet in their eyes, andeach player has their own idea. Looking forward to your performance in theArena!