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Posted on 2022-05-06 18:43:10

Recommended lineup

Dear players,
The following is the lineup provided to you by gamer JadeHare-s24, you are welcome to refer to and discuss.
Meanwhile, if you have any idea about our game lineup, please contact us and we will give you a great reward.
Back Row : Vegeta (IV), Android 17
Middle Row: Bulma , Kefla (S1)
Front Row : Son Goku (S3)
Way of getting the heroes:
First of all, the 5 heroes are easy to cultivate.
You can get Android 17 by being vip 6 or getting him from Advanced summon.
You can get Bulma on the first 7 days in server on Theme card pool wich worth 2000 diamonds per spin.
You can get Kefla (S1) from Advanced Summon.
You can get Son Goku (S3) on the 10th day on server if your level reach level 40.
You can get Vegeta (IV) by being vip 10 or getting him from Advanced Summon.
Strenght Analysis:
Let's start with our Front row : Son Goku (S3) being your main defense on this lineup, his first skill (Soaring Kame Hame Ha) Attacks a row of units in front and may deal 108% Nen DMG. It has 40% chance to apply [DOT] (the unit carrying the state loses [caster's ATK 15%] HP each round for 2 rounds. The effect can stack.
As his 2nd skill/passive ( Ability Sense) he get's HP+15%, ATK+5%
As his 3th (Rebirth )skill when it dies , it will revive immediatly with 25% HP recovered and immune DMG will be increased by 20% for 2 rounds.
As his 4th (Battle DMG Reflection) skill and last one , when being attacked, it has 50% chance to apply [Grevious Wound] ( The unit carrying the state loses [caster's max HP 7%] HP each round for 2 rounds , dealing aditional DMG of 7% of self max HP for 1 round.
On the Middle Row we have : Bulma and Kefla ( S1 )
Let's start with Bulma, Bulma first skill (Confuse) Has a 60% chance to make the enemy unit with highest SPD fall into sleep (The unit carrying the state can't take action for 2 rounds. It has a 50% chance to remove the state after being attacked once. It must awake after being attacked twice (except the attack of elf and Artifact) and deals additional 100% Nen DMG. Applies [Block Shield] ( The unit carrying the state can be immune to DMG once except the buff-like contionus DMG, soul field effect , elf DMG and Artifact DMG. The effect will last for 2 rounds and can't stack.) to the friendly unit with the lowest HP once and increases ATK of all the friendly units by 15% for 2 rounds.
As her 2nd skill/Passive (Talent Scientis) she get's Hp+20%, ATK+10%
As her 3th ( Healing to All) skill Restores HP of all friendly units by 90% of self ATK. the healing amount overflown will be converted into the [Healing Shield] ( The abosrbed amount is equal to the amount of healing overflowed of caster's healing skill, last for 2 rounds) of equivalent amount for 2 rounds.
As her 4th and last skill we have (First-Aid) At the beginning of each round, restores HP of the unit with lowest HP by 77% of self ATK and has a 50% chance to increase the crit resistance of the unit by 8% for 1 round.
Kefla(S1) first skill (Spirit Purification) Dispels 2 debuffs on 3 of our units with highest ATK and increases their ATK by 20% and crit rate by 5%. If the targets are martial artits, crit rate will be increased to 10%. All of the effects will last for 2 rounds.
As her 2nd skill/Passive (Power Increase) she get's ATK+30%, HP+15% and SPD+20
As her 3th (Soul Guide) skill Increases immune Nen DMG for all our units by 10%, applies [Soul Field] ( The unit carrying the state will take the DMG dealt to teammates for 2 rounds ( It only takes the DMG dealt by enemy attack. The DMG dealt by debuffs (such as DOT) and DMG reflection won't be taken). The effect can't be dispelled. The divided DMG will ignore shield and block shield) to all our units. After the field disappears, all our units Recover HP by 82% of Kefla(S1)'s ATK.
As her 4th and last skill we have (Sacrifice) When it dies, it will restore HP of all our unit by 200% of Kefla(S1) ATK. It can be triggered once in each battle.
On the Back Row and our Core Heroes are Vegeta (IV) and Android 17 , Android 17 has the abilties to Silent/Chase and Lifesteal making him a strong opponent and hard to kill with his Lifesteal, and our main strengh will be Vegeta (IV) wich his abilities are Combo/Chase and Breakout making him a monster against his enemies.
Let's start with Android 17, his first skill (Enormous Nen Wave) Deal's 145% combat DMG to 2 random enemy units in the middle and rear rows and has a 35% chance to apply [Silence] (The unit carrying the state can't release active skill for 1 round). If the target is a Nen master, DMG will be increased by 30%
As his second skill/Passive he get's ATK+20%, crit rate+10%
As his 3th skill (Flash Electric Strike) Deals 260% combat DMG to the enemy unit with lowest HP. If the target's HP is below 30%, Dmg will be increased by 15%. If the target is killed, recovers 15% of self max HP.
As his 4th and last skill (Electric Strike Hell Bullet) When it is our first unit to attack, it will deal additional 15% DMG of this attack. If not, every time it attacks, it has a 40% chance to attack 1 more target dealing 80% of skill DMG.
Last but the most important we have Vegeta (IV)
As his  first skill (Endless Spreading) Deals 170% combat DMG to the enemy unit in the first two rows.
As his 2nd Skill/Passive ( Sudden Strike) he get's ATK+20%, HP+10%, crit rate +5%
As 3th skill (Crazy Destruction) Attacks a unit in front three times continuously, dealing total 360% combat DMG and goes into [Weak] in the next round unable to take action. If the target is killed, chase will be triggered dealing 50% of ATK DMG. You can chase once at most.
As his 4th skill and last one (Termination) DMG dealt to the units with HP below 30% is increased by 20% and the DMG dealt to Mts is increase by 10%
Star-up Suggestion :
Advance star level of all your line-up to 10-star
If They star level are the same, the order of priority is:
Vegeta (IV)>Android17>Bulma>Kefla(S1)>Son Goku(S3)