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Posted on 2021-12-25 17:11:35

Player formation sharing

For me here is the Seven Dragonball reasons why this teamis the perfect line up on the current meta.

1.) Bulma - She is the core of you team if you want aperfect support she is the right one here's why? She can silence your opponentshighest attacker which can be a game changer in battle. She can give your wholeteam pool of healing aura that can sustain and save you in arduous battles.Another broken skill of bulma is giving shield absorption to your whole team toavoid being burst by your opponent.

2.) Android17 - This guy is just pure coolness he candish out Backline silence to opponent where usually support and nen users hideswhich can destroy the enemy team instantly in 2/3 rounds if successfully donealso don't forget if android17 kills an opponent he heals himself and with gemthat gives life steal he is one man army in my personal opinion. 

3.) VegetalV - He is just pure evilness why? VegetalV isnatural born killer he can burst you to death with his skills/passive also hecan do chase to those low hp opponent which can be crucial on very closebattles. 

4.) Jiren - He is the counterattack and doubleattack  here why? He is avery high damage dealer every time he attacks he can follow up with anotherblow and when opponent attacks him he counters back with another  I will tell youanother secret only Jiren can do this in game he can literally x4 attack in oneturn

5.) SSJ3Goku - He is the protagonist of this seriesthere's no perfect way to represent Goku by making himself immortal.  Ssj3goku is Theperfect tank why? He can inflict bleeding to opponents where like every roundis pain to your enemies killing themselves slowly in the process.  Ssj3 got very highhp not only that he can revive himself from death like wwttff? Wake me up fromthis nightmare 

6.)This line up can activate the secret elemental bonuswhich you can get by using 5 different elements Red Blue Green Yellow Violetthis bonus gives you edge on other players.

7.)All SSR line up is much stronger than SR line up nomatter what so better invest to SSR for future purposes. This game is aboutteam synergy and strategy. Everyone is creating their own perfect team.There'sno permanent line up you just have to enjoy the game 

S58 - Gohan Transformation

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