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Posted on 2022-04-26 17:06:37

New Server Strategy !(NewBie Strategy)

Dear players,

Here is a lineup we provide to you as a reference. At the same time, if you have any idea about lineup of our game, please contact us, we will give you rich rewards.

Back Row: Vegeta (SSGSS), Android 17

Middle Row: Android 15, Son Goku (S4)

Front Row: Android 16


High Output, Strong Vitality, DeBUFF Dispersion, Cirt Increase & Revival

Strength Analysis:

First of all, the 5 heroes are easy to cultivate. There are four SR heroes. It reduces your consumption of the ordinary card pool. Just 1000 diamonds are required for 10x summon, which 

reduces the burden of card drawing and makes it become easier for you to obtain these cards.

The core hero in the back row is SR Vegeta. You can participated in the 1st Top-up Event of the game to get 1 Vegeta and an orange 1-star gear. Although he is an SR hero, his damage and 

crit are not lower than some of SSR heroes, and you can purchase the card in Guild Store every week.

Another core hero in the back row is SSR Android 17. He belongs to the strongest MA in the current version. You can choose to draw the card from Theme Card Pool in the first week, or get it 

in Warrior Store directly.

The front row is Android 16. He is a good tank in the current version, and you can purchase the card in Roulette Store in the first week of the server.

The middle row is composed of Android 15 and Son Goku (S4). Android 15 is one of the strongest supports in the current version. He has powerful HP recovery ability, and he can increases allies’ ATK 

and Speed. To ensure output and HP of the core hero in team. Son Goku (S4) is a new card. He can revive a random ally in battle. He can also clear allies' debuffs and increase their crit rate, therefore he is 

more suitable for crit-type lineup.

Star-up Suggestion:

Advance star level of Vegeta (SSGSS) and Android 17 to above 10-star.

Advance star level of Android 16 to above 9-star. You can choose more powerful SSR heroes at that time to replace this hero, such as Goku S3, Majin Buu and Jiren.

If you don't get Bulma, you can choose to advance star level of Android 15 to 10-star. It will be better to choose Bulma and deploy her in this position.

Gear and Resource Allocation Suggestion:

Use more resources to the hero with highest star level

If their star level are same, the order of priority is: Android 17>Vegeta (SSGSS)>Android 15>Android 16>Son Goku (S4).