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Posted on 2022-04-26 17:04:08

Welcome Dragon Warrior World

Dear adventurer:

Thank you for downloading our game. Hope you have a pleasant experience

Our server uses West Seventh District Time (UTC-7)


We are still in the process of optimizing the newbie guide,

if the game freeze during the guide, please restart it.


If you have any problems in the game or have any suggestions, please contact us:Send Email to shanshuott@t4game.com


If you find any bugs or text errors in the game, or you have a better way of expressing some texts, you are welcome to contact us. As a reward, we will issue Redeem Code to players who respond with this type of content

(one reward only for each role).


Thank you for your support.


Story level

The plot level is the main line of the game. Each level can only be completed once, and the subsequent level opening is related to the player's own level.


Voyage mission

Players obtain adventure points in the story level, and consume certain adventure points to carry out long-distance missions. After completing the missions, they can obtain various rewards such as diamonds, hero fragments, and equipment.


Daily copy

Daily copies are divided into five types according to output: gold coins, holy water, hero fragments, artifacts, and gem essences.


Endless trial

After platooning troops, you can infinitely challenge higher and stronger opponents. According to the maximum difficulty you can complete, you will receive corresponding rewards. You can use the help of your friends' heroes.


cell game

Suggestion: There will be various events and resources in the process of marching, and making good use of your hired fighters and buff bonus can achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort.



The first pass of Marusta can get the super holy water reward, and the whole 10 floors will receive an extra pass reward, there are hero fragments and rare equipment

The first challenge of each level does not consume the number of times, the level that has been cleared can be swept, and there are 2 free sweeps per day